RE- get value from one field and store into another field

Hi All

In salesOrderCreate Form, i created the ALE_SampleDistribution check box. and i have created the ALE_SampleDistributionAccount field in the custparamenter.

salesordercreate form having the custaccount field. if ALE_SampleDistribution check box is checked, custaccount field fetch value from the ALE_SampleDistributionAccount field in the custparamenter

i wrote coding in the salesordercreate datasoruce-- ALE_SampleDistribution check box(modified)

public void modified()
CustParameters custParameters;
CustTable custTable;


if(SalesTable.ALE_SampleDistribution == noyes::Yes)
SalesTable.CustAccount = custParameters.ALE_SampleDistributionAccount;
SalesTable.CustAccount = custTable.AccountNum;


but it’s not working

any one help me

Hi Smiley,

The thing it is not passing the ALE_SampleDistributionAccount is it is not selecting the record from the CustParameters…
try to use below in the above code…
custParameters = CustParameters::find();
SalesTable.CustAccount = custParameters.ALE_SampleDistributionAccount;
SalesTable.CustAccount = CustParameters::find().ALE_SampleDistributionAccount;

it’s working naresh…

thanks ya