RE - Form level changes in AX 2012

Hi Everyone,

I have a customized form in AX 2012.

In that form i am having two fields.

1st field is an enum (Enum values are “Lead” , " Opportunity", “Customer”)

2nd field is an drop down field .

Now while creating a new record , If the user selects “Lead” means the lead master should come in the drop down of the 2nd field. Similarly the respective masters should come for “opportunity” & “Customer”.

Help me to solve this.



The General journal uses the similar implementation, where in the lines when the Account Type is selected as customer, the Account will show the customer lookup and for vendor it shows the vendor lookup etc.

look at

\Forms\LedgerJournalTransDaily\Data Sources\LedgerJournalTrans\Fields\AccountNum\Methods\lookup


(in your implementation, you can ignore the company related logic in the above code areas, as this is to support the inter company)

Thankz a lot for ur reply Kranthi. Let me check that.

Hi Madhan,

can you please tell the Field-Type of your 2nd field i.e dropdown field.

thanks & regards

Pranav Gupta

Hi Pranav,

Its DirPartyName.