re:files creating

can we create a text file throu c\al code

Do you mean export out a report to excel using C\AL

look at outstream

has sample code

i eant to create the text file using c\al code ,and at the same time i want to get customer name and no in that text file .

please give an solution for this how to solve this

You can try something like this

// File1 is File object
// OutStreamObj is OutStream object

File1.CREATE( ‘C:\Output.txt’);

OutStreamObj.WRITETEXT (‘First line of text that you want to write to text file’);
OutStreamObj.WRITETEXT (‘This is not the second line of text to be outputed but to concatenate with the first line’);

OutStreamObj.WRITETEXT(); // This command is to move to next line
OutStreamObj.WRITETEXT(‘Second line will start here’) ;

File1.Close; // To end the writing and write out to the file.

thank you amol…

i got solution .


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