Re-deposit using deposit slip

Hello All,

I am curious if there is any way to use a deposit slip when using a GJ to deposit bridged transactions if you forget to check “use deposit slip” before posting. For example, if we have 20 bridged transactions that should have been on 1 deposit slip and I forgot to check that before posting, we then have 20 separate transactions in the AX bank account versus 1 in the actual bank account - big mess in my opinion not to mention a nightmare to reconcile. Would there be any way to un-do that? I know that currently, you can require “Must use deposit slip” on the Method of payment setup which works fine in a 1 step payment process going straight to the bank account from the payment journal but you can’t do that when posting to a bridging account because it must be a ledger type account and so that option cannot be used. My assumption is that at some point, checking the “use deposit slip” will be overlooked when posting the bridged payments since the error message won’t be there to remind me. If that happens, is there a way to consolidate them in a single deposit slip - or reverse it and re-deposit using a deposit slip?

Thanks in advance,