Re: C/Front error2

in my computer i could see license by license viewer i downloaded
but in my partner’s computer it seemed like C/FRONT error
could explain why it happened? cause we use the same license here


when i am trying to run a sample OCX form getting error. Error is " u donot have permission to run the ‘C/FRONT’ system".

please reply

thank u.

Does your licence permits c/front connections? afaik, you have to have that granule in licence.

hi all
i have one question
i have check my navision license using license viewer that i downloaded from
in my office i successfully see my license
but why i just can do that in my computer only
on my partner’s computer cannot, because error mesage that said something about "C/Front’
can you help me, solving this problem…
thanks anyway

Hi Stan,

I just looked on the mibuso site, and it says the following at the file download:

Note: The C/FRONT granule needs to be available in the license file.

I Guess it need the C/Front component to be installed, you can do this by going to the devkit directory on the CD, and run setup.

i used in at my office and my home is the same license
but in my office i could open using license viewer without c/front error
and at my house it couldn’t