Re: About New, Edit, Delete... Actions

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the place of the actions like New, Edit… in a page.
I noticed that in Page 42 (Sales Order), the actions New, Edit and Delete are in a container called Manage.
but in Page 9305 (Sales Order List), the action New is in the container New, the two others are in the container Manage.
When I look into the page actions, I found no container called New or Manage.
Is there a way to access these two containers? and is there a way to modify the place of these actions(for example, in page Sales Order list, i want to put the three actions in the container Manage)?

I tried to right click on the Ribbon and choose Customize Ribbon, here I can apply the modification I want but only in my profile.

I want it to be by default(in all profiles).

What shall I do?

Thanks in advance :)

Right click on the Ribbon and choose Customize Ribbon.
here you can move the Actions…