RDLC header data not showing on second page


i have been create new report in sales quote. that report display lines and comments. when i am generating rtc report did’t c company info in 1st page but 2nd page only display company info. company info using page header. and also using 2 diff table. please help me 8865.1.bmp (2.25 MB)ASAP.

2 nd page display company info and logo also

4530.13.bmp (2.25 MB)



Check whether PrintOnFirstPage is set to FALSE for pageheader…

PrintOnFirstPage is TRUE,

body section i am using two diff tables, company info keep it second table.

Can you show your rdlc screenshot?

IN body sec i’m using 2 diff table…both table don’t have any link

6661.2.bmp (2.25 MB)

I guess you set the hidden fields on second table…

please move them to new table which should be first…

i am using both table in hidden fields but second table hidden table using page header.

You should shift them to new table which should be placed at the first…

S.No, Description is first table, SCL comment field is second table…

i’m using hidden field in second table only b’coz wen more item showing that time 1st table flow second page and second table also flow second page but 1st table doesn’t flow com info


check the data set in the report is the company information is there in first record

you can see the data set values by Run report > about this report (Ctrl +Shift+F1)

You set hidden fields in second table that is the reason company information is showing in second page where second table is printed…

If you set it in new table then it will show in all pages…

wat are the field i can fill that new table…hidden field r smething else

the data set using only sum of the value… in rtc company info in page header only…and keep in table with hidden fields

Hidden fields which you are showing in page header…


in RTC report data set you can see all fields values including variables in the reports check is the data is updated on first record . suppose the company information data not updated in first record then its will not print first page.

  1. already two table s there…suppose i am creating new table how can i given link with 3 tables…if any possible page header showing with out table relation

  2. suppose 1st table content is empty second table value is there…that time possible to flow company info for all the pages