Raw material and Finish Product from Diff Supplier - Unit cost

Hi ,

We are using NAV 2016 and our costing method is weighted average cost.

I would like to have a solution for below scenario.

Item-A - Raw material - from Overseas Supplier

Item - B - Finished Product -Local Supplier

Item - C - Finished Product - Local Supplier

Importing raw material ( Item- A ) from an Overseas supplier and we pass that Item to the local supplier to make the final products (Item -B & Item -c).

Item-A received through purchase order and posted with proper actual landed cost.

We are receiving local supplier invoice to produce the item-B & Item-C from Raw material Item-A.

Currently, we are practicing Negative adjust to raw material item code and positive adjustment to finish products code with unit cost ( Raw material cost + Value added cost ).

what is the correct way to post the Finish products & Raw material consumption and update the vendor account for above scenario?



Why aren’t you using Navision Manufacturing module?

Good answer David. Sounds like he’s trying to do all these standard MRP/cost calculations manually.

Are you not using NAV’s inventory costing either?

Thanks Mr.David/ Mr.Erik,

Initially I have tried through manufactruing module, But Finished proudct’s Unit cost not getting upadted ( Rawmaterial cost + Value added cost ) after post the Consumption and output entries.

One of our consultant said it’s due to our costing method (weighted Average) unit cost is not getting updated.

How about Assembly order method.


@ Muthu : using manufacturing process is the best option for you. Regading unit cost update process :: it should update. Can you share some more details with me. my email id is :: (email removed by admin!).

Unless you want to do a costly customization, then you should go with using manufacturing. What you describe more sounds like you system was not setup correctly. Unless weighted average cost is different from NAV’s standard average cost.

Assembly and subcontracting is not really an option out of the box.