Range in outer joined table in AOT query

Version : AX 2012 R3.

Hi Friends,

I want to put a query range in outer joined datasource in AOT query. When the query is prompted user will enter the range in SysQueryForm. Is there a solution or workarround?

I have 2 tables in query, Table1 and Table2 , because Table2 may not always have related record i cannot put an inner join but i want query range on Table2 as well.



What is the end goal of the query that you are trying to create?

Hi Kranthi,

This query is on customer and other related tables. The purpose of this query is to allow user put some criteria and then this query is saved in table.
Later on, these query are run in batch and resultant customers are updated.


By the above question, I mean the result that the query is going to return.(may be with an example).
You can apply a filter on the outer joined table, see the below documentation for more details,