Ram (cache) for NF server

Hi, there were disscution in our old forum about nf speed increasing. But now we can see only new topic.:frowning: How many Ram (nf server cache) we need for normal work. Server is PII, database - 1.2GB. Thanks in advance RGDS Gedas

NF server used cache is ~50% of RAM. For RAM calculation I’m use formula: RAMsize = maxTableDataUsedSize * 1.2; //for high perfomance RAMsize = maxSessions * 5 Mb; //non-stoned work Next step to incrace speed a lot of SCSI HDD’s.

Dalius, is 1.2 a constant or is it 1.2 because the dbf is 1.2GB? I assume the second line in your formula should read: RAMsize = RAMsize + (maxSessions * 5MB); Dennis van Es PerCom: Research & Development BV The Netherlands

sorry, second line must be read: NFserverRAMusage = maxSessions * 5 Mb; //non-stoned work this formula good then a lot of sessions will be used in big database. 1.2 is not 1.2 Gb :slight_smile: there is + 20%. I perceived that then table size grow up this size, prerformance considerable slow down & downing stops then AverageTableSize > RAMsize * 0.8; AverageTablesize - mostly used tables 17,21,32… Then your server will be as speed as HDD speed are.