Raising credits for items NOT Returned to Inventory

Can anyone help with the following issue. I have several clients that will deal with returned product. In some events the product is returned to inventory, in others it is not. They do not wish to credit against a GL account, as they wish this to show on their sales analysis. We are driving sales analysis from item movements. Hence I would wish to add an option to credit return to inventory or not, which would write a zero quantity to the inventory movement, although maintain a sales value. Has anyone come across this issue before? Nicola Hall Symtec Computers Ltd Edited by - Nikki Hall on 8/31/00 10:23:48 PM Edited by - Nikki Hall on 8/31/00 10:24:56 PM

Hi, I think it is better if you will post non Inventory Transaction to separate Location and zero this location once a week, month … Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

We did ask a similar question on the 4/6/00 1:13:57 PM in topic “Inventory and credit memos” in “NF - End User Questions” section. There was one promissing answer from a certain KB Here is what he said… ----------------------------------------------------------------- KB Posted - Thursday, April 13, 2000 12:05 ----------------------------------------------------------------- We had the same problem, that e.g. our Sales Statistics were incorrect. Our NSC made a modification i codeunit 80, and a new field on table 37 and table 83 (e.g. Post Item Quantity, Boolean). When the credit memo is posted and “Post Item Quantity” = true it is a normal Credit Memo, if “Post Item Quantity” = Flase then a item ledger entry with 0 in quantity is posted, and everything else posted as a normal Credit Memo. It works fine. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Since then, we never took the time to go further in the study of that problem, but we will sure come back to it at one time. Go and see in the topic we launched to find all answers we got at that time and more information on KB.

Valentin. The option to credit against a seperate loction is a solution . However, clearing the location by an inventory adjustment will mean the ‘cost’ of this transaction will go to the GL account for inventory adjustments, rather than perhaps the cost of sales. These figures would them need to be cleared to the correct GL account. This makes the transactions required rathre messy. I prefer to keep the ‘blank’/product group combination posting group GL Account to ‘real’ physical inventory adjustments which should not show under the cost of sales, as they are ‘other’ costs. Thank you, but I am not sure this would be a satisfactory solution. Nicola Hall Symtec Computers Ltd

JCL Many thanks for this, it does look promising. I cannot locate the original message. However I will put this to our development team and let you know the result. Nicola Hall Symtec Computers Ltd