Raising a purchase quote from a job budget

Can someone help please as I am losing the plot! I am attempting to configure Navision 3.7 GB1 to raise a purchase quote based on a job budget with only 1 phase. I have set up a job with a budget of a single phase with no tasks or steps. I have amended the job status to Quote. I choose the Quotes option in P&P, create a new purchase quote header and the first line(including GL code). I insert the Job No and click on Function - Get phase/task/phase. I was expecting this to insert the details of this single phase as a line in the quote with qty and unit cost populated. All it does is identify the phase code on the purchase line. All other fields are blank. Am I doing something wrong or expecting too much of Navision? Your help would be much appreciated before I loose any more hair! Neil Fraser

Hi, Get Phase/Task/Step copy only Phase,Task and Step of Job Budget selected line. It’s doesn’t copy details. (Please see online help it’s clearly mentioned)

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