RAID 10 or RAID 1

Hello, one day before christmas i have a little problem. Since 6 years i work with Navision at a NSC and know how to install it. Many Harddisks, RAID 1, 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, RAID control with many chanel. Last Week i telephone with Navision. They said you can use RAID 10. But is RAID 1 or 10 faster? In our case we have a costumer with have 18 GB on his Database. Nearly 50 User work on it. His hardware dealer wants to install a new Server with 1 Harddisk for OS and 10 Harddisk with RAID 10 for the database. We habe implement our Addon in Navision. It is works like the normal tables for sale in navision but the database is much bigger than the normal table for sales in Navision. We use nearly all possible key a navision database allowed with many SumIndexFields. Many Read all the Time are doing on this tables all the time. So we decided to use RAID 1. In my Opion RAID 1 is faster than RAID 10 if they use the same HD. RAID 10 is faster, if you use more HD as by RAID 1. a) 1 HD with out RAID b) 2 HD with RAID 1 c) 4 HD wirh RAID 10 In the case c) RAID 10 is faster than b). But we have 10 HD for both (RAID1 or 10)! Is RAID 10 faster than RAID 1? The hardware dealer say YES. Have someon an Info for me?[:I] A merry christmas and a happy new year without war for everybody Jan

Hi. If You’re running C/SIDE as DBMS You should definitely run on RAID1. If You take a look in the appendix of the C/SIDE Dev. guide You’l learn that You get one commit cache for each physical disk id. A system running on RAID10 only presents one disk id to the OS. If You’re running on SQL thet it’s a different case. Then You should put You’re data files on RAID10 (mirrored RAID 0 that is). Merry xmas! /Lars

Hi Lars, thank you very much for the info. Jan