RAF Picking List Error - Job Registration AX 2012


When more than one job is included in my route I am unable to RAF the first job in the route. It says that the system could not find a picking list posted in the production order even when I manually post the picking list in the production order. When I try to RAF other jobs in the route that are not the first job it will let me do it but never with the first job. Do you have any ideas? I need to be able to start and complete all of my jobs in the route in order.



tick the accept error flag when RAF is being processed.

Hi Adam,

The error happens even when I tick the Accept error box.



When I RAF the first job out of two the jobs window still shows the status waiting. Not until I process the second job in the route that the status in the first and second jobs is changed to ended.



How are you starting production - by operation?

Is the first operation linked to the second by link type? Is the second primary?

What version of AX2012 is this?

Are you RAF through MES or from the created journal in production?


I am starting production by operation. Starting from the production order form or from the Job Registration form results in the same error: “No picking list journal post found in production order”

The operations are not linked by type and the are all primary

I am using AX 2012 R2

I have tried RAF from both places.

Even when I post the picking list manually from the production order it stills tells me that it could not find a posted picking list journal. Do not understand I have tried all the settings I could find and I have also made sure that the operations settings have everything they need but I cant complete or change the feedback of a job that contains materials or the first job in the route at all. I can change the status of the second or third jobs but not the first one.



Assuming you have no modifications it is likely to be an error, but you need to either click on the error message to open the code or get a developer to look at it and tell you exactly what the error is.