R3; inventory reservation error

Hi all,

Question about creating a back-order/PO: I have a ATO item with serial numbers and configuration. I also have a Reservation hierarchy with 6 levels: site, warehouse, inventory status, location, LP and serial number (WMS). When creating the SO with the back order or the PO, it gives me an error: PO XXX has been created/ Cannot insert multiple records in Invenotry reservations (WHSInventReserve), Item number XXX, XXXX. The record already exists./ Operations stopped - neither purchase orders nor intercompany sales have been created.

It seems to be a bug, but perhaps someone has a solution?

Thanks in advanced!


As it is R3 I suggest you log it with MS or post on the Yammer R3 feed. It has not really been released long, so the chances of others coming across this are remote.

I’m well aware my chances are poor. Thanks anyways.

The issue was resolved by enabling the “Inventory dimensions extensibility” configuration key (System Administration | Setup | Licensing | License Configuration and expand Trade)