Quotations. How to float up the costs from routing and bom so we can see them

My customer (like many) use spreadsheets to do their quotations because of the ease of tweaking the values around.

I would like them to use NAV Quotations directly.

I tried to do one today, I added the routing and BOM for a new item.

The routing used machine centers with rates per minute and there were setup and run times in the routing.

The Prod BOM had the material item as a child which had the purchase price and vendor.

The BOM and routing were certified. and I did Calc Low level code.

But the finished item still had zeros in the costs.

  • How do I float the labour and material costs into the item cost fields ?
  • Is there a report to let my customer look at the item costs (labour, material etc.) with a nice breakdown (ideally bom and routing ops) ?


Dave K

Found the roll up : it’s the Standard Cost Worksheet [:)]