Quick Remedial Overview on Report Totals

I am a Navision dev newbie, and I would like a quick review on how to force subtotals and totals in Navision 2.60B. I and seen som C/AL code referring to making totals, yet the canned reports I have looked at just seem to put a calc field in a Footer section and it works (ala MS Access), but I cant make it work and I cant find in those canned reports the code or settings Any help would be greatly appreciated Devin W. McMahon, MCDBA

Hi Devin, there are several ways to have subtotals and totals calculated in reports but I guess you are referring to the easiest way - in the dataitem, the property GroupTotalFields contains those fields that are sumed up. Then using these fields in the GroupFooter and Footer section gives automatically the subtotals and totals for these figures. Another more flexible posibility is to code the summing manually using some total variables, but more difficult. Saludos Nils