I have the following questions in Navision Axapta ver 3.0: 1) How do I set up and configure the Axapta so that “Pallet Transport” for transporting material receipts from the “Inbound Dock” of a warehouse to a location within a warehouse are generated automatically? 2) On doing an “Item Arrival Journal” for received material, I have experienced that Axapta under some conditions “demands” for a Pallet to be moved from an “Inbound Dock” only, otherwise it wouldn’t execute the session, my question is, under what circumstances does it demand to be moved from an Inbound Dock and otherwise (ie. buffer etc.)? 3) When u create a PO, Axapta automatically picks up the pallet id and location. How does this happen, on what’s the logic by which they are picked up. 4) When I try to do an “Item Arrival” and try to validate it, it does go through but when I try to post it it doesn’t and gives me the following error: - Can’t find location for pallet 000003_101 in warehouse MW. - Journal is not posted and update is canceled. My pallet is in an Inbound Dock. If it is not in an inbound dock then it gives a problem saying that the journal can’t be validated unless the pallet is in an “Inbound Dock”. Kindly help me resolve all of the above issues.

Hi Rajendra, Probably u hv set up default receipt location for Item in Item/Setup/Warehouse Items/Location Tab. To setup receipt WH, location, Pallet, u can mention it in PO Lines/Dimension Tab. In case of multiple location, Pallets u select PO Header/Post/Picking List. Go to Line Tab. Click on Inventory/Registration. Split the Quantity as many WH, Locations, Pallet u want. Register the Quantity and post the Picking List. It may help you solving ur problem. Thanks Krishnendu