Questions relate to AX application (part 1)

Dear All,
I am a new bie in MD AX. I am focused on inventory mgt and production.
I am using standard manual file but many questions I can’t answer using
the file. I would like to ask you some questions as follows:

  1. I have database contains some company accounts and virtual company accounts my data is store in the virtual company account for example items. how to read the virtual company account ? when I try to change the current company account to virtual company account, I don’t see it in the company account list but only in the virtual company account tab. meanwhile using SQL querry analyzer, the items exists in the dataareaid SAT, where SAT is virtual company account. pls let me know.
  2. How could I know the COGM (cost of good manufactured) in AX ? are there any fields relate to it ? pls let me know in what module, form, tab or report.
  3. How could I know the product cost detail like direct cost, indirect cost
    and overhead rate in one tab of a form, like in the item table ? are they
    only purchase order price, inventory cost or sales order price able to be seen ?
  4. How could I know the cost estimation result that consists of detail explanation about it ? in what module and in what form ?

I really appreciate your answers so much PrayPray. I don’t need all questions must be answered by one person, but if you can answer one of them, pls send me via e-mail or this forum. Tks in advance.


Hi Andreas,

I will try yo give you some hints… And hopefully others will complete the information. Just to confirm, I understood you were using Axapta 4.0 (from your other topic). Is that right?

1- You use Virtual Company. Meaning you want to share data by more than one of your companies.

How was your virtual company setup? Usually, 1) you first create a table collection where you link the tables you want to share, 2) after that you create your virtual company and assign this (or these) tablecollection(s), 3) you link your company(ies) to the virtual company. That way you should have access to the virtualized data from one or the other company you shared the data with.

… That means that the virtual company is not a compant you use to work with, but only to share datas. That is why you don’t see the virtual company on the “switch” pannel.

2- The COGM information related should be smewhere in the Production module. My guess it that it should be on one of the reports under the Production module: you have there under “Analysis” a report called “Cost estimates and costings”. You also have in the Inquiries (under Production Module)–> Production–> “Production Posting”: on the overview tab you have the information related to WIP and Cost accounted.

By the way, are you talking about tracking the costing of the production? I am not a specialist of production, but usually talking about cost on production, the information is displayed between WIP (you can calculate and recalculate any BOM via the production table) and production reported as finished. These 2 will give you estimated costs. The real costing is done when you end a production. I will check further and let you know exactly. You should be able to retrieve the accounts where the different transactions on production are posted (posting profile). On that case, your cost of good manufactured is a combination of what is consumed (WIP) and what is produced (Report as finished)… And just checking the Ledger account where transactions are posted should give you the amount and information.

… I will check if I can find something more specific related to COGM

3 & 4- I think questions are related to your point 2- . Under Production module–> Reports–>Analysis–> Cost estimates and costings, and checking on some other reports (I have to check, but you can play with them to see what information you have)… Seems to be the best place to have the information.

Second way you vcan have it will depend on the posting profile you have for production (setup under Inventory Management–> Setup–> Posting–> Posting form–> Production Tab

For a specific production, you can retreive the costing detail when you go on Production Module–> Production orders form–> Production line (select the line yuo want to se the detail for the production)–> Update button–> Price calculation form: on the calculation form you have a detail of what the production costing is…

… I can continue and digg more information on the costing of production… but not knowing exactly what your setup is it is just guess (I hope helpfull guesses)

I’ll go and see what your second topic questions are related to, to see if I can help on these ones.


Hi Magali,

tks for your answer but I have done no. 1 answer but I am still unable to see items in the overview tab of item table.

The other answers are successfully followed and it is quite increased my knowledge but I can’t still find where are overhead rate and indirect cost fields either for item and work center like in Navision, could you tell me where they are ?

Tks in advance



About not being able to see items using the Virtual company settings… the only thing I can guess right now is that you probably first created items on your company items table… and after you created the table collection and the virtual company… So that the first items created are not shared…

I will think about that problem a bit more and see if I can have a more specific answer on the reason why the information is not available (items not showing)…

About the costing for your production, where to find overhead and indirect costs…, I still need to check that… It would be easier if I could have access to your system and setup… but I will see if I can give you more tips as it is now…


Dear Magali, All,

tks for your answer, I don’t really now the causes because I’ve tried so many times but still unable to see the item. I wish you could give me the answer.