Questions relate to AX application 2

Dear All,
I am a new bie in MD AX. I am focused on inventory mgt and production.
I am using standard manual file but many questions I can’t answer using
the file. I would like to ask you some questions as follows:

  1. Could you send me the technical white paper in AX that provides a conceptual and technical overview about MD AX functionality for all modules and functions ?
  2. Could AX route be used in concurrent capacity and paralel schedulling for discrete manufacturing ?
  3. Is there available function relate to maintenance schedule of work center so that when calculating capacity, the date where maintenance will take place will not available ?
  4. Where to see the work centers and items transaction ledger entries ? is it only in voucher ? for example I want to see actual process time, actual output qty, actual employee/labour used, actual cost calculated by system that posted through journals of picking list or route/job card.
  5. What is the definition of voucher, is it synonims with ledger entries ?
  6. Where can I see single level capacity cost, rolled up capacity cost, single level manufacturing cost, single level material cost, etc that are the result of costing calculation of single level BOM, multi level BOMs and so with route ?
  7. I have installed AX 4.0, but I can’t find helps available when I use right click and select what’s this ? meanwhile it is available in AX 3.0, could you
    send me the file relate to it so that I can install to my application.

I really appreciate your answers so much PrayPray. I don’t need all questions must be answered by one person, but if you can answer one of them, pls send me via e-mail or this forum. Tks in advance.


I’ll try and answer your questions in brief, if you want to go further, mail me maybe :

  1. I can send you the official MS training documents for the production module which goes through the functionality in some detail if you like

  2. Need more details

  3. The standardy functionality I’m aware of is via the calendar - create a calendar noting the maintenance dates and set the work centre to the specific calendar; that way the work centre will be ignored on that particular day

  4. In ‘basic’ check out the work centre options via the enquiries functionality

  5. ?? my english is faulty on this one as I now work in an exclusivley french environment. In which module or transaction did you see this term?

  6. Is the BOM calculation functionality not enough for you? In this, each line detail cost is well documented

  7. Can’t help you her’, sorry


Hi Andreas (again [:)] )

Here some answers about your questions on that topic… Assuming that you are working with Dynamics AX 4.0:

1- You can have also an overview of Axapta with this book [Dynamics AX, A guide to Microsoft Axapta], published by Apress, authors Luis X.B. Murao and David Weiner (I don’t have any links to these guys or the publisher… I hope we can give these kind of information there)

I think the base white papers should be available either on customersource (if you are on the client side) or partnersource (if you are a Ms partner). If you don’t have it through your customersource account, perhaps you should ask them to your partner…

2- need to check with Production specialist on that point [:)]

3- The setup of Workcenters is done on the Basic Module through the Work center groups form. Take a look at that form, there are multiple setup for the scheduling, the posting, routing and cost categories, different time setup…

Under the “working Time” button, you can setup different timeframe that will use a specific calendar that you will assign.

4- Apart the Workcenter form under the Basic module, you also have some reports in the Production module–> Reports–> Work centers

5- A voucher would be more like a generic word for the detail of a transaction. It is not only a ledger entry, but any kind of posting will display the transaction detail on the voucher related… (I also got a hard time to understand the concept of voucher, I am not sure I have the specific definition there…)

Here:, you can find a more generic definition of “voucher”

6- I can’t give your more than Monty on that one

7- You have to download the help file from MSDN or your customersource/partnersource, and setup it. If you are using AX 4.0, under Admnistratiion, you have the “Help update parameters”, it should be setup with the AXOnline web address from Microsoft website… You can also redirect it to a share file wher you put the help file downloaded… But this will give you the F1 button help access the latest help… I am not sure about he “What’s this” … I can’t have an updated one either [:$]

Hope this can help you a bit more,


Dear Monty,

tks a lot for your answer. I really need the training document, if you have the soft file, pls send to this e-mail : I will await it so much. I hope it is not standard AX, because I have had it. I just need technical whitepaper of AX.

for no. 3 answer, I am still confusing, because if the machine maintenance only takes 3 hours for 2 days, how to set it in the calendar ?

As about BOM calculation, it has been clear but as I have aswered to Magali, I can’t find the overhead reate and indirect cost fields. Pls let me know.


Hi Magali,

Tks a lot for your time to answer my questions. I am indebted to you [:)]

I can’t still find the whitepaper either from partner source or other. It’s not training material but more specific to functionality based on technical approach. I wonder if you can mail me to all the materials that relate to AX but not standard training material especially AX 4.0.

I appreciate your help so much.