Questions on Nav5

Hi all!

I want to know if and how it is possible in Nav5 to:

  • How to modify the components that need to be put back into inventory using WMS ?

Exemple: Receive a BOX and need to dissamble the box to put into inentory components ( sometimes Box is handle into inventory and sometimes NOT)

  • Does Nav5 handle SuperKits? manage Kit under sit??

  • Is it possible to assign a country of origin at the box level when doing the receiving?

  • How the Scanning RF is working and where can I found info on that??


Hi Taty,

It’s quite some time ago since you posted this question, but your post still stand as open. Have you found an answer?

If yes, then I would hope that you would share the answer with the rest of the user group as I think many members would get value from the answer, so that we can close the topic and mark it as Answered.

If no, then maybe you can add a bit more information to the question, so that other members maybe are able to answer your question.

Thank you.

Hi Erik,

Unfortunately, I didnt get anwser on those questions.