Questions in Prices and Discounts

I have the following questions in Prices and Discounts and would be highly obliged if someone can answer them. 1) If a Price has to entered specifically for a Customer/ Vendor or for All Customers/ Vendors then it can be done so from Inventory Management ->Items ->Trade Agreements ->Sales/ Purchase Price or Accounts Receivables/Payables → Customers/Vendors → Trade Agreements ->Sales/Purchase Price only and not from Accounts Receivables/Payables → Set Up → Price/Discount Groups → Customer/Vendor Price/Discount Groups → Price Groups → Trade Agreements or anywhere else in Axapta 2) If an Item has a Price and a Discount against a Table, Group and All Item Discount Groups and Customer Price/ discount Groups and Find next is on then where will Axapta pick up the Price from and how will it calculate the Discount. 3) Prices and Discounts may have been entered against all possible combinations but a particular one will get picked up only if it’s switched in Activate Price/ Discount. For example, I may have a price specified for an Item against All Customers. But if I have the corresponding combination switched off in Activate Price/ Discount then it will not be picked up at all from the Trade Agreements and hence will be picked up from Prices/ Discounts Tab in Inventory Management → Items instead.

Hi Rajendra, You can enter the price agreement from the AR/AP respective modules or from item master. If you enter from the item master, then you will enter item wise, item per item price agreement. If you enter thru customer/vendor master, then you enter customer/vendor wise, per customer/vendor price agreement. In case you are selling for example to a certain group of customers, for instance export customers (all those export customers will have the same price agreement) then you enter it thru ar->setup->price/discount->customer/vendor price discount groups If you click the Find next then axapta will look for the lowest price both for ap and ar price agreements. You have to activate the price agreements first before it can be used. If it is not activated then it will use the standard price as stated in the price/discount tab in the item master If you still have any queries just let me know. Hope this help!