Questions about this RiBa / Bills / Effeti thing

(Feel free to reply in Italian, we have a colleague who can translate. I am InHouse consultant for an Austrian company doing some business in Italy.)

If I set up the Bill as “Issue Allowed” then I first must run the Issuing Bills batch job and only then can create a Customer Bill Card and actually export the text file for RiBa which is the whole purpose of using this feature… this batch job creates customer ledger entries of the type of Payment but not applied.

I am not sure creating these Payments is a good idea. I think we should post payments only when we are actually paid. Our Italian colleague says it is because these RiBa collections happen automatically so it is almost sure every Effeti will be paid. It is OK but I am considering it might still be safer if we only post payments later, when we actually receive them.

If I take out the checkmark from Issue Allowed, then I can save this first step and can go creating a Customer Bill Card directly. But in that case how will I post the payment later?

Another question. Which are the “typical” account names and numbers to set up for “Bills for Collection Temporary Account” and “Bills for Collection Account”? Because when training our external accounting company in Italy I think I can best explain this functionality to them if I tell them typical account names… that will be familiar for them.

Isn’t there BTW a good manual for Italian localisation? With RiBa and Blacklisting I have difficulties to set up, most other things are fairly understandable.

Thanks in advance everybody! old, but still useful