Questions about the report

I am currently running the account schedule by dimension report with account schedule name.

Now the report is group by Fund ID, Shortcut dimension 2, 3 and 4. Now, I wanna change it and just group by Shortcut Dimension 4(Section) and put all sections on one page. Is it possible to do it? If so, how?


Hi ilaw,

basically I am not really sure wha ou are doing. You probably have dimensions set up with code like Fund ID etc, that you understand, so your post probably makes a lot of sense to those in your company that use this everyday.

Could you try to rephrase this, so its understandable to the rest of us, so that we can help.

What I wanna sayis , the account schedule by dimension report is grouped by Shortcut Dimension 1, Shortcut Dimension 2, Shortcut Dimension 3 and Shortcut Dimension4. Now I wanna group by Dimension 4 only. What should I do to make it?

Well the first place to start, is by creating a new Analysis view base on the new grouping that you want.

Without seeing the Account Scehdule that yu currently have, I could not say if you need to just modify some elements, or if it might be better to start again.

Are you working from Scehdule that you created, or one that someone else did.