Hello Everybody,

My client has a request that on selecting the answer while “completing a questionnaire” in a purchase requisition form or any form, another set of questions should come.

For example I had chosen any set of questionnaire on any form to complete which display the questions as follows.

Which is your favourite car Brand?

A. Maruti


C. Hyundai


Suppose I select Option D from the above set of answer another set of questionnaire should come.

Which is your favourite car in Chevrolet?

A. Cruze

B. Beat

C. Tavera

D. Captiva.

As per the above condition I am suppose to do the setup.

Can anybody explain me what should be my setup for the above conditions given in order to fulfil the requirement.

Appreciated your help in advance.

Kartik [:)]

Dear Kartik,

You need to design your questionnaire with multiple questions along with their sequence numbers. Then once you complete the question, the Next button will be available for you to enter the answer for next question. Try it out once…

Please have a look at this technet article (and links within):

Google and technet are great partners :slight_smile: