Question regarding the Item Tracking Lines form [Form 6510]

Hello, NAV Developers.

I need help regarding Item Tracking Lines form.

The version I am using is NAV 6.0 SP1 (6.00.29626).

I am trying to add lot numbers and expiration date for each item to Inventory Posting report [Report 702] called from Output journal.

Since lot numbers, Expiration date, and Quantity for each items are being selected in Item Tracking Lines form, I have been looking at the codes of the form to find the variables that store those values, but I am having trouble finding where those values are being saved.

It seems that they are being saved in Currform.“lot no.”, Currform.“Expiration date” and so on, but when there are multiple lines of entry, these variables only contain value for the last line of entry.

Since the form shows what I have keyed if I re-enter the form after keying in those fields as below,


I have tried to look for codes that reload previous values for the form, but OnOpenForm() trigger doesn’t do much

Does this have to to with ReservEngineMgt code unit?

Where does this form store those keyed-in values and reload them when reopened?

If I can find where these values are saved, I think I can read those variables and show them in the report.

I have read through materials regarding form, but can’t really find where those values are being saved.

Can someone guide me where to look at to accomplish this?

Thanks for reading this post.


While Form is open, Lot/Serial data are temporarily stored in Tracking Specification (T336), when form is closed, data are moved to Reservation Entry (T337).

It’s historical heritage, as ItemTracking was built upon already earlier existing Reservation functionality (and this approach caused MUCH problems when introduced)

Hello, Moris.

Thanks for reply and clearing this out for me.

Then, when the form is reopened, how does it reload data from Reservation Entry?

I want to see the code for reloading date.


There I can’t help you - I’m NOT a programmer, only a consultant, who just happens to know, that ItemTracking performs as I wrote - but WHERE actually the code sits, in Form or some CU - I have no idea [:$]

PS and my knowledge comes from those times, when --in version 3.??-- the ItemTracking was first introduced and it was full of “issues”, as MS calls bugs. Exactly with this transfer to and froth between those two tables all the problem was, sometimes for no reason it didn’t happen, but now they are all at last corrected.

Thanks again for quick reply.

I just wanted to see how the form reloads previously saved value when re-opened.

I will do more digging. :slight_smile:

Have a good one!

Hi snam,

You can keep digging the code, its very deep [;)]

If you want to create Item Tracking Lines from code, then the easiest way is create a Item tracking line manually on the form, then go to the Table 337 “Reservation Entry”, look for the record created, you can identify with the Lot no. or the Serial No. that you entered when creating the line manual. Now check values on all the fields on the table, on your code you will have to create a record on that table with same(similar) values.

Hope this helps.