Question Regarding Role centres.

Hello all AX Users,

I have a question which is annoying but need to be solved .

After the successful installation of Role Centres and Enterprise Portal , why the default role centre pages and other standard reports dont work ?

Is there any hidden step to be followed or by default this is the behaviour of AX ?

I have been installing EP several number of times and every time i face this challenge.

I would have to manually modify the reports or hardcore the values for the role centre for displaying.

So the main reason for posting is to gain a bit knowledge regarding this. Please can anyone provide some information ??

hi lalit

you need to configure the role centerpage.

have u installed reporting services and analysis service???

thn wat s the error msg u r getting???

Hello Arun ,

How can we configure the role centre pages ??

hi lalit gud morning

u need to deploy ur reports and then process ur cube with out errors etc…

wht error msg u r getting???

thn i can tell how to solve ur error

The error is as follows.

  • Default value or value provided for the report parameter ‘Period_Year’ is not a valid value. (rsInvalidReportParameter)

Even if my all cubes are perfectly processed without any errors and all the reports are deployed, why the standard reports throw such error ??

And moreover these reports run perfectly in report server site.

Also few are such reports which shows null data means reports are blank.

Why all this happen ??

Do i have to process the all the dimensions individually ??

Hi lalit Gud morning

follow the below link, you can solve your tat particuler error msg