Question on Temp tables in Navision

We use Navision 5.0 SP 1.

I am trying to use the G/L Entry table as a temp table. As soon as i go to Insert into the temp table I get an error message. Everything compiles fine in the report.

TempGLEntry := “G/L Entry”;

Are only certain tables allowed to be used as Temp tables?

Is there another method of using a temp table? Array maybe??

Thanks in advance,


What’s the error message?

Have you set the TempGL table as tempory=yes in the property ?

The error is no permission to insert into the G/L Entry table.

Thanks Manish.

Never realized there was a property for variables.

Just curious, and maybe it will help someone else, but how were you doing it? Were you thinking it would make it a temp table by adding Temp to the beginning of the variable name?


You are never too old to learn!

Thank U

That’s what I was doing Matt,

My bad…