Question on scheduled purchase order lines printing out.


There is already issued PO for particular supplier, same items, because it is every three months of scheduling of issuance of PO with different amount:


  1. Jan. 15- March 15…$375.00

  2. March 15 - May 15…$435.00

My questions is, why is it when I check the printing of PO my posting of May 15 to July 15 will not come out to the PO print, but it is already posted in the Axapta.? did I missed something here?


On the print parameter are you setting “Recieve Now” or is it “All”?

All other PO’s with mixed lines print fine, just the one with the repeated item on different dates? Have you modified the report?

When I check the print parameter is does not come out the way I expect the PO with other description. I just want to print the PO about the month of May 15 to July 15, other PO was already to supplier, how can I modified the report?


I do not understand I am afraid. Could you post a screen shot of the lines and the print out and explain where it is going wrong?

My simple explanation on this is, There is one one supplier for issuance of PO but the thing is that we have to issue PO for them every three months, the Jan to March was already issued and also March to May, now when I about to issue PO for May 15 to July 15 for me to print it, it does not come out. Do I make clear explanation for this?

Hi. So when you press the print there is a field called “parameter” this can be set to all, receive now, registered, etc. What is yours set to? I am guessing “Receive Now”. On the quantity tab on the line you need to enter the values on the lines for May 15 to July 15 in the “Receive Now” and then print the PO by the “Recieve Now” parameter and then it will work.

Dear AdamRoue,

Thanks you for your informations.