question on reports

I am new to dynamics nav…

Create a sales order report grouping by dimensions.

And add a check box in request page, if user selects the check box then only report shows the details. how can create a new reports and by taking which tables??can you please explain me in detail

Take a Boolean variable For Check Box in report and Specify it in Request page . So in RDLC Set Visibility OF Textbox or ROW visibilty to This Variable.

Reports Depends On Requirements( what you want To Display) Normally Sales Order Contains
Tables -36,36,44

Can you please explain me how can I group the sales order report to dimension??

I want to display the sales header information and it should group by dimensions.

Ya, you can do that in Report Layout.
What is Your Version OF NAV?
Please Mention So that YOu would Get Appropriate answers

I am using nav 2009 r2…

But is it classic or RTC report?

It is classic client…

Then you open the Section Designer (open the report in the object designer and show sections) and use your mouse to move the address fields.

I am not able to understand?? Please explain me detail…and the condition is that all the sales orders should be filtered according to the dimensions.

Sorry, that reply was actually to a different thread! [:(]

Hii Experts!!
I should create a report using the sales orders and it should group by dimensions and should create a checkbox in the request condition is that when we run the report and by clicking the checkbox the sales orders should be displayed by filtering with the dimension code.