Question on Forms

From Form1 I need to run Form2 after Group numbers are assigned to a table’s records and a record is created in a table called Group. In Form1 I say: FORM.RUN(50025, Group); This is fine. It opens Form2 with the newly created Group record on display. I would sometimes like to run Form2 from the menu too, in which case I want Form2 not to show any record on screen until the user enters a Group number. Is there a way for Form2 to know if it was run from Menu or from Form1? Thanks. Pari Somasundaram

When you have a specific record use the SETRECFILTER function, and on the form you could test for any filters. If filter is set, it is a specific record from which you called the form, if not filter is set it would be from Menu. /Soren

Soren’s suggestion is a very clever indirect way to pass information to an object form (or report). The more usual way (not necessarily better, but more general) is to add a function to the form with a parameter. All the function should do when called is to assign the parameter to a global variable within the form. Just before the form is called, call the function and pass it a value via the parameter defining what behavior you want when the form is invoked. Then call the form. Within the form, put code to examine the parameter upon being activated and act appropriately. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner