Question on Employee portal licencing options


My company is about to upgrade from NAV3.7 to NAV5 and we are looking at what Employee Portal can do for us.

However the Microsoft site states that there are no additional software costs beyond the existing Nav and server costs.

This leads me to think that I can provide information via the employee portal for only the cost of installation and consulting.

I am being quoted an increased licence fees per the number of named users.

I know that we currently are running NAV security and not Active Directory Intergration if it makes any difference.

Does this sound right and how do other providers sell this add on?


Where is the link stating there are no additional costs?

My knowledge is a litle outdated, but I feel you are correct to be quoted for the Employee Portal users as they are a separate element. I do not believe they are included as part of the BRL offering. Although there maybe offers to gain Employee Portal bundled with a purchase of NAV because you are upgrading and trying to access additional functionality it is more than likely you will need to license it and purchase these. I seem to remeber they were treated pretty similar to a standard user and standard user pricing. You are after all adding user access to the system, it is just a different means of entry.

Thanks for the clarification Adam,

The link is:

It states :

Q. What additional software costs will running Microsoft Dynamics NAV Employee Portal incur?

You don’t need to purchase any software beyond the standard Microsoft Windows Server products that are part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 system requirements. Microsoft SharePoint is included in Microsoft Windows 2003. If you’re already running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0, you already have all the software you need to run this Web portal. For specific system requirements for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Employee Portal, see the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Employee Portal Fact Sheet.

I note that they are using the word “Software” and they specifically never say “User Licence”. I might now need to post into David’s post about 10 questions to ask… [;)]

I think this is a badly worded question regarding the software “requirements” to run the employee portal, like a hardware requirements list, rather than the “licensing” costs to run the software! However if I was you I would point this out to the person offering you a quote and ask them for an official response from Microsoft to be relayed to you!

Also if you look here:

You can see the sections where the licensing is broken down as an each, 10, 25 and 100. This mirrors the pricing structure, and if they were free wouldn’t they just cut you 100 or more if you needed them [:D]