Question on creating item revenue reports

Hello everyone ,

I am new to nav and I have a hard time creating a sales report.

I am using the microsoft Nav 2009 R2 and I am needed to make a sales report in which I can present the total income of my items in a specific format in which I will show the items name the total earnings in a specific time period and the earnings with and without the VAT .

My problem is that I dont know how to make this kind of report I have already made the items ,the sales and the bank accounts but I dont know how to make the final report .

I have searched through the documentation of the Nav program but the instructions only led me to more confusion .

Any help is appreciated .

A while since I did 2009 R2 reporting. Can you see one called 712 Inventory - Sales Statistics? Good idea to copy from an existing so you have a starting point at least. I think you can do classic or RDLC in that version. Here is a classic guide:

This seems good for RDLC in that version. And has some other video suggestions linked to it:

good luck [emoticon:37e515f9f1ea417199b681c49f42c606]