Question on "Compare Layers" & "Code Upgrade"

Greetings! I would like to know what would be the layers to compare after a service pack upgradation. Actually, I applied 3.0 SP4 and when I see the Class SalesFormLetter in AOT…It show something like this (sys,syp,usr)… Because of some customizations done by developers on this class, i believe the user layer code has overriden the syp layer, i came to know about this because on another machine I have a fresh installation of SP4 with no user customizations on it and i compared the code for SalesFormLetter class in both machines. Now my question here is, If we do a “Compare Layers”, followed by a “Code Upgrade”, should we compare : a. sys-usr layer b.sys-oldusrlayer ( i guess oldusr and usr are same-this is what it says in Developer guide) c.sys-oldsys layer d. syp-usr layer e. syp-oldusr layer f. syp-sys layer I’m bit confused here. Would appreciate if anyone help me on this? Thanks and Regards, Dilip

Hi, We are usualy involved in lot of upgrades from lower sp’s to higher. My suggestion is to make only clean installations, and then to manually upgrade the customizations. This is time consuming job but it the most reliable. When upgrading (f.e. from SP2 to SP4), first compare the clean objects from SP2 with the toppest level of the object in SP4 (if sys,syp,gls,glp - only compare with glp, which is the actual version that is being used). Then see what the SP4 has added new. If the object is unchanged by SP4, u can safelly import it from SP2. If it was changed, then you’ll have to add the custom pieces of code manually - and the Compare tool will help you in this direction. I tried once to use the automatical code upgrade feature but my installation was messed up. Hope this helps, Ciprian

Ciprian, Thanks for your inputs. I tried code upgrade yesterday on SalesFormLetter Class, actually what i did was first to compare and identify the changes done by syp layer and the changes done at usr layer and then using the code upgrade tool i edited the workspace by merging the syp with usr layer. Then I recompiled the class and it’s successfull. Yes, I think one has to do this manually for all the objects which is included in the project after comparison between layers. Painful process, but has to go through it. Regards, Dilip

You should also be careful to the logical errors (which shows at run time). The compiler only checks the syntax. Regards, Ciprian