Question on Axapta CRM parameter

Hi, I am an Axapta CRM newbee and have some questions regarding a CRM parameter. Quotation tab: on the Follow-up activities defaults parameters there is a field called Phase. The help provides the following information “Select from the list, the quotation phase you want the system to use when a follow-up activity is created in Activities”. But the list doesn’t show quotation phases but activity phases. Looks like the helpd doesn’t provide the correct information. Any idea what the function is of this parameter? Thanks.

Hi Jeroen, the ‘Phase parameter’ is only a default setting, so when you create a new quotation it defaults to the selected phase. Regards, H. Jaeger Tectura (UK) Ltd

Hi Henrik This information is correct for the Phase field on the Pipeline group parameters, right-hand side of the window. But what about the Phase field on the Follow-up Activities Defaults group parameters (left-hand side of the same window)? Axapta 3.0 SP3 Regards, Jeroen.

Hi Jeroen, I should have checked in Axapta before answering [:o] - you are of course correct. The ‘phase’ on the right hand side (pipeline) is the default for new quotations - the one on the left hand side (follow-up activities) should be the default on the activity that is automatically generated from the quotation. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work in my 3.0SP3! It could be a bug[8D] Regards, H. Jaeger

Henrik, thanks. I think it is indeed a bug.