Question in Prod Ord and machine date

  1. Can some one please tell me what all parameters do I need to set to execute my production order automatically ie. directly from started to finish and also from created to reported as finish. In my set up I am trying to finish a started PO. Whats happening is that when I go to report the order as finished then the system says that my job are not reported as finished. It forces me to complete the jobs in a journal and only then allows me to finish, cost and end a PO. I am posting my routes automatically at start up. What else do I need to do to report the order finished automatically from started as well as from created. 2) My route times are ok. My calendar is available and ok. But still when I try to start a PO the cal is not available on a particular date 1 year ahead. My route is not so long and the parameter max lead time is set to 1000. 3) I have a demo ver, my machine date is 5/1/2004 and my system data is the current date. What is machine date? This field is seen in Tools->System Date. Its greyed out. Please help here asap. Thanks

Hi, #1: Production\Setup\Parameters\Automatic Update, set the Scheduling method to Operations sched. Probably now is setted to Job S. #2: i’m not exaclty sure if this is enough: you should check in Working times table to see if the working days have Control = Open. #3: machine date seems to be the Computer’s date system date = Axapta’s internal date. In the help system it states: Changing the system date impacts the following areas in Axapta: The posting date in all modules The invoice date and therefore the due date The statistics period in which the current transaction is updated Note: If a temporary change is being made, it is important to go back and set the date back to the correct date. Notice also that the system fields in the database (CreatedDate, ModifiedDate etc.) use the machine date, not the system date. Regards, CD