question for David

Hi , I am newbie to the world of ERP’s and navission is where I started my googling. I have been able to get started on reading about ERP’s and business processes and will be installing a demo version of Navision soon. You mentioned that and I quote “For those that want to get started as a Navision developer, I would like to put together a step by step of what to do”, just wondering if you have been able to do so and where can I find it? Thanks /adnan

Hi Adnan, the thread starts here… which was supposed to be the index of sorts and this was sort of the first installment Originally this was going to be chapters in my book, but I wanted to keep the book as a project managment and implementation book, so I wanted to put these bits here. Unfortunately the interest (as you can see from the small number of replies) has not been too much, I was hoping for more interest.

Thanx David. I have copied all that info on a a word and will be reading it on my way home. That does sound very informative. Thanx again. adnan

Great I hope it helps, and also thanks for the kind emails :wink: