Question about the Lookup method of ItemId of SalesLine

Hi all,

I am interested that in the Table: SalesLine, the field ItemId can be select by pull down menu I would like to know the mechanism for it, how can I change it? Thanks.

I would like to know the difference that I put it into Index and Group: autolookup. Thanks.


try indexes at InventTable .


this Mechanism comming from EDT level relation.if u would like to know any object setup in the form.You just right on that object and select we can find the source of that object.

Suppose u have doubt in sales line itemId–.u just right click and select setup then u can find one Lyout form here u can select the item and see the Systen name .Now u go through that system name eighter it is Table or Form and goto that filed then goto properties.Here we can find which method is used and which EDT is used and which Relation is used. like the way we have to get the any field machanism

I hope it gives Solution

HI Michael,

In the case of lookup the Ax follows the below heirarchy:

  1. Loopkup method on the form/table
  2. Autolookup field group on the table
  3. Indexes
  4. Table relations

Naresh Kolli