Question about Item and Orders

I have tp develop a .NET application that will connect a WebShop to Navision.

Mailny the App will get Items from Navision and deliver to WebShop and delivering Orders to navision.

I did made a simple .NET application that can fetch Items from Navision by NAS/CodeUnit and MSMQ.

I did not any thing about delivering of ORDERS to Navision(I thought to use XMLport for this task), Is is a abad idea!?

How can I use SETFILER against a DateTime field( ex Item’s Last Date Modified) in my CodeUnit?

Since my Navision installation based on SQLSERVER, I wonder if I can run my QUERY to fetch å deliver data, is there any disadvantage or backfire( especially update/instert into Navision)?

You can fetch data from Navision using DTS/Query without a problem, you just can’t put data back in the database that way as it misses the Buisness logic.

Regards the other parts of you post I am stuggling to understand what you are askin, could you try re-phrasing it for me?



Hi TH!

Thanks for respond, I thought so that I would not work with updating/inserting directly to SQLSERVER, I wanted to have a PRO opinion.

With SETFILER, I did mean that how can I retrieve items from item table which that is not older/newer then item’s Last Modified Date), I did solved this

With Orders, I mean sales order from the WebShop that must imported to Navision, Is there any CodeUnit, XMLPort that I can use to understand the process?

Thanks again

Personally I avoid inserting directly in Navision tables using external applications. When you insert directly in tables, validation triggers don’t fire and you can have unpredicted results.
You can insert in a temporary table and then from Navision import to correct tables. If you want to use XML files you can see the model from Commerce gateway. There are already several XMLports that read orders and product catalog. You only have to adapt it to your current business model.


Thanks for your advise, thats what I thouht too.


Is that all your questions answered? Can I mark this as resolved?


I think so for the moment.