Question about French check

Hello everyone,
I have a question about French check, I tried to generate checks from AP → payment journal as this shows:
So, the French check can be generated, but the involved vendor invoices information are not included in the check letter. I checked the code, it seems there is a Map called [CustVendTrans] that carries the related invoice information, but how do we link these invoices with the check in AX Client? I didn’t find a place to link invoices at AP → payment journal. I searched online, but in vain.

Can anyone give me some help here?
Thank you,

On the bank master from which you are generating check, click on setup and then click on check layout.

On the check layout, enter no. of slip copies as 1 in general tab. Generate a new check with marking transaction. It should work.


Hi Pranav,

I have done everything else, but can you tell me how to do “Generate a new check with marking transaction.”, where can I “mark transaction”? I mean, on which form, is there a check box?