Question about financial dimension value

Hello everyone,

I noticed the financial dimension value is not stored in the database, by using the following SQL:


dav.* from dimensionAttributeValue as dav

join dimensionAttribute as da

on dav.dimensionAttribute = da.recId

where = ‘Office’

The field [DimensionAttributeValue].[CachedDisplayValue] is shown in the table object on the AOT, but it’s not stored in the database at all, but it’s where the dimension values are rendered in the AX client, but it’s not available by pure SQL. Can anyone say a little bit about this handling way, is there a reason for it?

Thank you,

This is due to the saveContents property which is set to NO for this field. As a result the field will not be created in the database

See about saveContents property

See \Data Dictionary\Tables\DimensionAttributeValue\Methods\getValue (one of the reference to know how this value is being set)