Question about barcode feature

Has anyone experienced the benefits of a barcode feature in Navision Financials? To be more specific, has anyone designed a barcodesystem for Navision Financials to work with RF Hand Held terminals like the Symbol PDT6100? Can anyone give me some additional information about points of attention.

I worked with the Symbol “Palm” unit, but ended up going with Nav AD with the Teklogix barcode interface built in Mike

Hi, I have worked with Navision Financials and Symbol PDT, but here we had written code in Navision to produce a Text file with Barcodes and Description and other required fields, also we had a PDT specific software for uploading the Navision output text file into the PDT. Regards Vishal NGP/NCSD

Hi Jacco, Yes our NSC has dealt with clients who require a PDT hand held terminal. It seems very simple since the PDT uses text files to upload and download information. All we had to worry about was the format of the text files. hope this helps regards Omair NGP NCSD

Hi Jacco, our NSC has a client that uses barcode scanning. We had the terminals linked to a Telnet-like DOS interface, and then we let C-FRONT communicate with that interface. Good luck, Bartel W. de Leeuw

We have developed software for PDT6100 and interface with NF. Solution looks following: PDT side: 1. Writed aplication in C 2. Own database (Simbol shiped UBASIC) 3. Aplication have COM port comunication too (cardle detection - if PDT inserted in cardle PDT sotfware starts waiting for communication) 4. Included invoice printing module for portable dot matrix printers (EPSON ESC) NF side: 1. we developed nfcomm.ocx - com port communiocation ocx, you can find prerelease in download sections 2. developed sinhronization module in NF But it is not RF mode. This solution designed for travelling sallesmans. Synchronization is done by com port.

Tanks for all the replies! An additional question about Telnet and Navision. Is it possible to run a procedure from Navision? With c/front you can approach/modify the database. Simple example: I’d like Navision to send a screen to the pdf-terminal. With the terminal a number is scanned and returned. Is there a way to give that number as a parameter to a specific procedure?


Originally posted by mayer: Hello Dalius, can you public a typical code how you sync data from NF to PDT by using your nfcomm? Thanks Ralph

OK, I will look for samples in my archive and will start new topic.