question about Appl from Item Entry and Functions > Apply Entries

I am using NAV 5.0 SP1

I am in a Sales Invoice. Lets say I post a Sales Invoice for $100. Customer returns it, so I create Sales Credit Memo and then click Functions > Apply Entries, and apply it against the original invoice so it closes it off.

Now if I turn on the Exact Cost Reversing Mandatory in the S&R setup, on the Sales Credit Memo I fill in the Appl from Item Entry field.

Now do I do that in place of the Functions > Apply entries ? Or do I do that also ?

Does Functions > Apply entries close the entries in the Customer Sub Ledger and the Appl from Item Entry makes sure my costing is correct?

Simple Apply Entries doesn’t guarantee Exact Cost reversing, Appl from Item Entry should do it, but there were “issues”? “bugs”? in some versions, I don’t remember just on the spot in which versions - easiest way is to check it, better, if you try in non-production. Besides, it depends on costing method in use.

Don’t take my answer for granted, I hope somebody else will join this thread, who has more up-to-date info as I have…

Yes, Apply entries closes off Customer Ledger and for costing u need to select Apply-from-entry. I do that just do be double sure. Or u can use

Get Posted document lines to reverse it sets the application for Inventory automatically but for AR application wud be still needed.

Good call Kapil. I just did a test credit memo by using the the “apply from item no” and it did not close off the customer ledger entry.

So I will be dong both, applying the credit memo and using the apply from item no. field.