Question about adcs

i wanted to know how it works in bc19 on premise because i googled it all i found configuration for only bc14 or nav
if it still works how can i configure it
any help would be appreciated :smiley:
ps: i saw now that it was depreciated in 2019 is there another way to use the same concept on the current business central without buying an extra app (warehouse insight etc )


Here is a link to ADCS and Business Central:

Hope this helps. Not sure what solution you have created or using for warehousing. There are great ones out there that are cost effective vs. upgrading your ADCS customization to BC. Look at the link and you should check out your options. The features available are vast and might be beneficial to you and the company.

If you need options, I can send them over.

In Business Central 2019 on-premises, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) functionality was deprecated and is no longer available as a built-in feature. However, there are alternative approaches you can consider to achieve similar warehouse management capabilities without purchasing an additional app like Warehouse Insight.

One option is to utilize the existing inventory management features in Business Central to optimize your warehouse operations. This includes features such as bin management, item tracking, and location transfers. By properly configuring and leveraging these features, you can improve inventory visibility, streamline picking and packing processes, and enhance overall warehouse efficiency.

Additionally, you may explore the option of integrating Business Central with third-party warehouse management solutions. Many third-party providers offer warehouse management systems that can seamlessly integrate with Business Central, providing advanced warehouse functionality. These solutions often include features like barcode scanning, advanced picking strategies, inventory optimization, and real-time tracking.

To configure Business Central for warehouse management, consult with your implementation partner or a certified Business Central consultant. They can assess your specific requirements and recommend the most suitable configuration and integration options based on your needs and the version of Business Central you are using.

Remember to thoroughly evaluate and test any solution or integration to ensure it meets your specific warehouse management needs and aligns with your business processes.