Querying from SQL database in Dynamics 365


We are planning to migrate from AX2012 to Dynamics 365. I have quick question to be clarified. We have developed many stored procedures from AX2012 Database in SQL Server Management studio and connecting to VBA reports for the users to display with the output. Will it be possible to do the same way for Dynamics 365 Database to connect with SQL server Management studio with the same stored procedures? Can the stored procedures be accessible in the VBA ?


No, you can’t put any stored procedures to the AX database anymore and you also can’t access the database from outside.

Consider using BYOD or getting data through web services.

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Through BYOD or web services , Is it possible to update the field values of customized tables inside Dynamics 365 through SQL statement?

With web services, yes.

BYOD is a separate database, therefore you can update data there but not in the actual transactional DB used by D365FO.

Is it still the same topic? I thought you said you wanted to extract data for reporting; I don’t see anything there about any update.

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Its for the same topic. Since we have developed Customized tables and AX tables with additional customized fields , and we were updating through AX2012 DB. Now I understand that ,its not possible anymore.

I am not having much knowledge how to update through web services. Do u have any useful link for the same? I am not getting relevant information when I search in internet

Choose a data integration (import/export) strategy page in documentation gives you an overview and links to details.

GitHub repository Dynamics-AX-Integration contains some sample source code.

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