querybuildrange with other datasource

Hello I have the following problem: I do two querybuildranges but when I do another one with another datasource and axapta ignores to me. In morphx I have put in the table dimensions in linktype innerjoin to inventjournaltrans. The code in the method init() is the following one: public void init() { querybuildrange qbrTransDate,qbrTransDate1,q; ; super(); qbrTransDate = InventJournalTrans_q.dataSourceNo(1).addRange(fieldnum(InventJournalTrans, transdate)); qbrTransdate.dataSource().addSortField(fieldnum(InventjournalTrans,transdate)); // in executeQuery() of InventjournalTrans: qbrTransDate.value(queryRange(DateFrom.dateValue(), DateUntil.DateValue())); qbrTransDate1 =InventJournalTrans_q.dataSourceNo(1).addRange(fieldnum(InventJournalTrans,ItemId)); //// in executeQuery() of InventjournalTrans: qbrTransDate1.value(Articulo.valueStr()); //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //until here all good //Problem: not present in the form querybuidrange (without errors) q=Dimensions_q.dataSourceNo(1).addRange(fieldnum(Dimensions,VendAccount)); } thanks for your help!

well, it’s a wild guess. But still … you didn’t include code for setting this value in ExecuteQuery of Dimensions_ds. Maybe you are not giving any value to this Range. And the range shows in the query().datasource().tostring() only if you set a value for it

Thanks, already I have fixed it!