QueryBuildRange class

Say the DatePhysical field is used as one of the fields in the report’s Ranges. A value is entered during runtime, i.e. 11/12/2003…11/22/2003 In the report’s init function, I am trying to get user’s specified range in DatePhysical field. _Query = element.query(); _qbdInventTrans = _Query.dataSourceNo(1); _qbr = _qbdInventTrans.findRange(fieldnum(InventTrans,DatePhysical)); if(_qbr) { strDateRange = _qbr.value(); } else strDateRange = “”; As the user can specify various criterion such as

  • ={date1}
  • !{date1}
  • {date1}…{date2}
  • {date1}

  • and others
    Is there any standard way to parse the query range to obtain the separate date value, {date1}? Please advise.