I need to find a way to retrieve all purchase orders that have one same mistake: there is an item transaction hanging, even if the lines of the PO have been deleted and the order has been canceled. The problem is that, prior to canceling the PO, one of the lines’ quantity was not canceled, so the reception status of the item transactions is “on order.”

I have already solved this problem, but now I need to find if there are more PO’s with the same situation. I was suggested to launch a query, bu I have never used one before, and i don’t know how to program it to do what I need. Any ideas?

Can you tell us the AX version?

Hi Kranthi,

It is AX2012

do you have purchLine record in table, with isDeleted flag?

You should probably use and join

InventTrans, InventTransOriginPurchLine and purchLine to get ordered receipt status item transactions which don’t have a purhcLine record