Query When Posting Jobs in Navision 4.0 SP2

Hi Forum, I have a question about the posting of Jobs in Nav 4.0 SP2 and the associated G/L Entry that is created. Let me explain, I have posted a Job Journal with a Type of Item. I then look at the Job Ledger Entries for this job and Navigate on the JLE that was just created and I see 4 entries, 1 for G/L Entry, 1 for Item Ledger Entry, 1 for Value Entry and 1 for Job Ledger Entry. If I press Show on the G/L Entry the Job No. field is blank, i.e the Job number has not been pulled through. It is in the descrption but this does not help much. So my question is, is this correct that the job number is not carried thru or have I discovered a minor buglet in SP2 or have I forgotten to set something (which I dont think). I look forward to hearing from anyone who has thoughts on this. Thanks … Paul [:O]

In fact I would consider this being a BUG.

I just checked the code and found the following:

CU 202 creates an item journal line where the job no. is assigned to the “Source No.” field of the line.
This field relates to item, vendor and customer but never to JOB. So this is BUG No. 1.

Based on this bug, it is not possible for the item ledger entries to generate job related G/L entries.

Possible solution:

Create a “Job No.” field in the “Item Journal Line” and in the “Item Ledger Entry” table.

Assign the “Job No.” to that field in CU 202.

Change CU 22 to transfer this field into the Item Ledger Entries.

The next step is more complicate. You need to change the “Inventory Posting to G/L” codeunit to make sure that this information is transferred from the “Item Ledger Entry” to the “G/L Entry”.

It might also be that you have to assign the “Job No.” to the “Value Entries”.

This is just a quick analysis. You need to dig deeper into it.

Hi Thomas, good to hear from you again, I hope you are well and I’m glad to hear that you agree with me. I will print off your reply and work my way through the changes that you have suggested although for the what the client needs, the Job No passed to the GL Entry would be sufficient. Once again, thanks for your valuable advice. Paul [:)]

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oops sorry forgot

Hi Thomas, sorry to be a pain but I’m having a problem pinpointing where in the “Inventory Posting to G/L” CodeUnit I should put the code. I’m not really a developer but can do some things but other thing need a bit of prompting. I was wondering if it should be in CU12.? All other coding that you suggested is done and working… Paul

As I said, this CU is a little bit tricky. CU12 should automatically populate the Job No. to the G/L Entry when it is present in the General Journal Line. So don’t bother with that.

What you basically need to do is to populate the “Job No.” field in the General Journal Line with the information you find in the “Item Ledger Entry”.

If you don’t have a Item Ledger Entry in access because the CU is using the Value Entries, just create a “LOOKUP” flowfield in the value entry table for the Job No. from the assigned Item LEdger Entry and you have that info present (just don’t forget the CALCFIELDS).

I don’t really understand what that CU is all doing. That is why I mentioned that you will have to dig deeper into it.

Thanks Thomas, I’ll give it my best shot…Paul

Done and working, a simple GenJnlLine.“Job No.” := ValueEntry.“Source No.”; inserted into Function PostInvPostBuf did the trick.

Thanks for all your help