query reg. navision 4.0 install&config exam

hello all… I study to make the “Navision 4.0 Installation & Configuration Exam” (VUE #NA 40-226, Prometric #MB7-226). I’m seeking for testquestions/info/cd/documents to prepare the exam. please… if any one having the same send me to grsi03@virgilio.it thanks in advance[:X] Patrizia, Venice - Italy

Also pls. forward the docs on im_arora@rediffmail.com. Thanks,

pls. to me too newraj78@yahoo.co.in Thanks!

Hi all,


I’m seeking for testquestions/info/cd/documents to prepare the exam.

As you already know, these Navision exams are not like other MS exams where you have third parties offering books and test questions. If you have already taken a Navision exam you will remember that you are not allowed to take any notes on the questions, nor distribute these questions, and in general you’ll have to stick to the official MBS docu… As far as documentation is concerned, read through the exam description, get the respective manuals (most of them are on the product cd or on partnersource) and read through all of them, install and setup all of these apps and look into all the options… That should do :slight_smile: Saludos Nils

The best preparation is to learn Navision. Not only will it help you pass the exams, but it will help you in business in the future.

I can only agree with you, David. the only way to pass in my experience these exams is practice, practice and more practice (go install a NAS, install an ACDS and set it up, install the ODBC driver and replicate the example that Navision provides…) and the more experience you have in all the different areas the easier it will be to pass the exams… and the best practice are customer projects with real requirements. Saludos Nils